Effective Spinal Adjustment

Safe and Comfortable Spinal Adjustments for All Ages

Spinal adjustments are the cornerstone of chiropractic health care and a specialty of family-owned Antrim Chiropractic Center LLC. The adjustment's goal is to restore your proper motion and function in the joints of your spine. 

It is the job of our skilled chiropractor to correlate the findings from your exam and specific functional tests to determine which joints in the spine are not moving properly. He will then adjust each dysfunctional joint using a quick, precise thrust to restore proper motion and function and allow healing. 

Techniques are modified to make adjustments safe and comfortable for patients of any age and size. We are currently accepting new patients. 

Providing Superior Health and Balance for You

Our practice utilizes two different overarching groups of chiropractic adjustments for relieving your back, neck, and muscle pains, including: 
  • Hands-on or Manual Adjustments - Delivered by a skilled practitioner, this style of adjustment is generally pain-free and is very effective at restoring dysfunctional spinal joints to their proper motion and function. 
  • Activator Instrument-Assisted Adjustments - This is perfect if you don't prefer hands-on adjustments.

Effective Chiropractic Approach to Other Joints of Your Body

The chiropractic approach that works so well with the spine can be applied to other joints of your body, including:
  • Wrist
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Hip
  • Ankle
While many health problems can be traced to the spine, other joints of the body can be involved. When chiropractic techniques are applied, a range of motion can be improved and painful inflammation reduced.

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We have joined with the International Chiropractors Association to provide 1 year of FREE chiropractic services to veterans returning from deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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"My 4-year-old daughter had been complaining regularly that her lower back hurt ever since she could speak. After going through every test imaginable with our MD, including bone scans, I took her to see Dr. Metz on the advice of a friend. After three visits, she had no more complaints of her back hurting."

 Kristy L., Mercersburg, PA
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