Reduce Your Pain With Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Soothing, AFFORDABLE Muscle and Nerve Relief

Electrical Muscle Stimulation at Antrim Chiropractic Center LLC is an inexpensive therapy that reduces pain and speeds up recovery time.  It is often used to treat acute or chronic pain, as well as strains or sprains of the muscles, joints, and soft tissues of the spine and extremities. 

It involves low levels of electrical impulses delivered to your injured, painful tissues to reduce pain and speed healing.

The Safe and Effective Treatment to Reduce Your Pain

Electrical muscle stimulation treatment therapy is a safe and effective treatment that reduces spasm, increases blood and lymph flow, and reduces nerve pain. You'll feel less stressed and anxious after you receive your treatment. You will benefit from an increase in your range of motion which will make it easier for you to perform daily activities. 

Get the Exceptional Method to Help Your Healing Process

Often described by patients as a pleasant "tingling" sensation or "electrical massage," these impulses stimulate your body to release natural pain relievers, called endorphins. These endorphins reduce your pain and inflammation, thereby promoting faster healing of your injured tissues. Call 717-597-0028 today to schedule an appointment. 
chiropractic care for veterans returning from deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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"I’m very happy with the treatments from Antrim Chiropractic Center LLC and felt immediate relief in my ankle and leg after only one treatment. I’m now almost pain-free. I encourage anyone to try chiropractic care before considering surgery or living on pain pills.”

Donald C., Greencastle, PA
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