The Cold Laser Therapy Safe Alternative 

Get Healthy With Painless Low Level Laser Treatment 

The doctor and staff of Antrim Chiropractic Center LLC have the knowledge, skills, and training to suggest and execute the chiropractic technique that will benefit you the most. One of those is cold laser treatment. 

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is also known simply as laser therapy or cold laser therapy. LLLT has been proven to be safe, effective, and painless and is used to treat both your injuries and chronic pain. 

Advantages of Non-Invasive Laser Therapy for You 

Because of the nature of LLLT, there are some great advantages:
  • Safe - the FDA considers LLLT without significant risk
  • Non-invasive – does not penetrate the body
  • Non-toxic – no NSAIDS and no toxic effects
  • Easily applied – quick, easy, and painless
  • Highly effective – hundreds of studies have shown that LLLT is highly effective

Reduce Inflammation and Improve Your Nerve Condition

Laser therapy uses red and infrared light to relieve pain, accelerate the healing process, and to decrease inflammation in your problem areas. Many conditions, which have not responded to conventional treatment respond favorably to the directed light energy and the healing frequency of the pulsed laser light. Call 717-597-0028 today to learn more.
We have joined with the International Chiropractors Association to provide 1 year of FREE chiropractic services to veterans returning from deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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"My quality of life was improved almost 100% after going to Antrim Chiropractic Center LLC. The staff is very professional but also makes you feel comfortable and at home."

 Nancy S., Greencastle, PA
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